About me

Name: Hazel

Age: 37

UK Size: 18-20, for as long as I can remember

Weight: 96kg, 211lb (last weighed March 2018) UPDATE September 2018 93kg, 205lb

Waist: 41″, 105cm UPDATE September 2018 40.5″, 103cm

Hips: 45″, 116cm UPDATE September 2018 44″, 112cm

Thighs: 23″, 58cm no change September 2018

Arms: 11″, 28cm UPDATE September 2018 12″, 30cm

(original measurements July 2018)


I am a regular person with a regular job. I live in Edinburgh with my cat called Zeus. I have a fairly active social life with regular hobbies like going to the cinema.

I have tried so many types of fitness and weight loss. I have bought DVD’s, joined gyms, hired personal trainers, purchased miracle weight loss tablets and nothing seems to have worked.

Until this year. I finally found the fitness program for me through a a group called Training For Warriors. Don’t worry, that is not what my blog is about as I totally understand that there is a type of fitness for everyone and it is so personal. This blog is going to be about the trials and tribulations of getting fit and having fun at the same time.