I am not going to lie, I have always been a sweaty person. I have always put this down to being overweight and unhealthy but I sweat even more now that I am exercising. I am not just talking about sweating when I work out or run for the bus. I sweat when I am sitting still in a hot room. I sweat when I have eaten a big meal. I sweat on nights out. Just check out this before and after night out photo….Shiny face ✅

Hair plastered to face ✅

Makeup running all over the shop ✅

Now that I am working out more, I am more aware of how much I sweat. When I get home from a workout and I have to peel my clothes from my body and wring them out, you can’t help but be aware. Now I do understand, sweat is your body’s way of cooling itself down. So it is a good thing, it is helping my body regulate its temperature so I don’t become unwell.

What I have found odd is some of the places that I sweat. Let’s start with a classic, the sweaty moustache.

Check out those beads!! I have absolutely no idea why the top part of my lip feels the need to cool down more quickly than other parts of my body. It is not like my lips are on fire and yet the first sign that I am too hot is usually these little droplets appearing. I think this is possibly the sweaty part I am most embarrassed by as it is so obvious. You can’t hide it with dark colours or subtly wipe it away. You have to go full on face swipe to get rid of it.

Another place I seem to sweat excessively is under my boobs. And there is nothing like a sweaty underteat to make you feel sexy, let me tell you. My bras deserve an award for coping not only with my boobs but the weight of the liquid they carry when I am too hot. I just don’t understand!! Any scientists out there feel free to explain it to me.

Sweaty gusset is another affliction I seem to suffer from. In the Friends episode with Rachel’s dirty book, when Ross asks if he could heat his coffee up on Rachel’s burning loins, I don’t think this is what he had in mind. And it is so embarrassing because you literally look like you have peed yourself. I do understand this one though as your groin has the highest concentration of apocrine glands on your body. And let’s face it, its a tough area to air out what with the 2 layers of fabric and the fact you look daft fanning your fanny.

Since taking up exercise, I have even started sweating from new parts of my body. How on earth is it possible to sweat from the backs of your knees? I cannot find any research that shows you have glands on the back of your knees but if you try to get up from a leather seat when you are too hot, they will be stuck like glue.

Now that I am working out more and feeling better about myself, I am thinking of sweat as a badge of honour. And that doesn’t mean I judge people who are not sweaty after a workout. Everyone is completely different and if you don’t sweat you are just lucky to save on shampoo. But for me, I do sweat and I am now trying to embrace it as a symbol of how hard I am working. I am going to wear my sweat with pride, just don’t hug me post workout.

I hope some of you other sweaty people out there can resonate with this. You are absolutely not alone and if you have any tips other than don’t wear grey clothing let me know!!