Why life at the third hole?

Why did I call my blog Life at The Third Hole?

Yes, I was very aware that I may get some golf enthusiasts following me. I was also aware that I may get some other types of enthusiasts following me (if you don’t know what I mean this may not be the blog for you). But it was important to me to call it something fun that represents who I am.

When I first found exercise that I enjoyed at 37 years of age, the first results that I saw were in my clothes. I have a belt that I have had for around 12 years (yes I know, time for a new belt). I have always worn this belt on the second notch, occasionally the first notch, for the entire time I have owned it. After 6 weeks of exercising 3 times per week, I put my jeans on one morning and realised that I was wearing my belt in the third hole. To many people, this may seem like such a small thing but to me it was massive, so I instantly shared it on social media.

I have a game I play on Instagram where I try to find hashtags that have not been used before. Believe me, it can often be challenging, people are so inventive. When I posted about my success I found #lifeatthethirdhole was not already in use and so it became me and my metaphor for success.

This was also when I decided to write about getting fit. I don’t think I am an expert on fitness (or anything really). I don’t expect to make a career out of my blog. I am not great at writing. I am probably terrible at grammar and punctuation (I am sure people will correct me). But I am honest and real and would like to think I could inspire someone else like me to make a change and get some results.

Welcome to Life at The Third Hole.